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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Learned stuff!

Girls get mad when you break up with them... also... TEST.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

In regards to my last post.

I do dearly apologize for all those offended for my last post. I was not in the right mindset at that time. The mind set i was in involved an illegal drug known as marijuana. Also i do indubitably believe that i should update this more often. Which will happen next week... or sooner.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stuff from my head

Nhjyum is what my head types. M is what my hand types. Nmhjuy is now what my head types. H is now what my hand types. Discuss.

I want to move to italy or Canada. Italy is beautiful (or so I’ve heard) and has great food. Canada is laid back, speaks English, and I know a kewl person.

I believe young people are the ones who deserve to die first. That way they wont see the hate and anger in this world.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Ive decided!

Like my post title says ive decided something... yet what what ive decided i am not sure on. Anyways... I am not sure whats going on lately... days pass by like minutes but weeks seem like days... i think ive finally lost whats left of my mind... my head hurts... id stop but i think that means im close to figuring something out... so ill continue writing. i go to school on wednesday to take an iq test or something like that... Bets on me failing will not be paid for by me. then next week i go to my new doctor... whether i lie or not decides whether or not i go to the happy farm... or get loaded up on more pills... anyways... im gone!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Upon writing the word yo my media player either glitched or i have two of the same song on here. Same song on here twice. Anyways... Todays blog wont be about me. It'll be about a girl i know.

Her name in this scenario shall be Mrs Patz. Not to be confused with Mr Spatz. Anyways... Mrs Patz is a very nice caring and lovable girl... yet she has problems in her life. A few days ago her father was drunk... and beat her which ended up hospitalizing her. Thats not all... She also has heart problems lukemia and, the way she says it, her family hates her. (Meaning getting beat is nothing new and her mom thrashes out with evil words such as you, are, a, slut, I and... hate. Just today she got mugged... no damage done... just getting shaken up.

Anyways... ill dive deeper into her life another day for those of you interested... right now... i have homework to do

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hello all

Its been awhile since i did anything here... ill try getting on more often. im doing this while my family is huddled infront of the tv watching a racist show (5 points for guessing it) im updating my myspace right now... telling everyone goodbye... i finally quit.
Anyways... im going out with the girl i like... i got a new game FFIII... i uit maple started playin Trickster quit Trickster started playin Maple... and... it seems im getting more and more boring... i recommend someone elses blog... like kewlios blog.. i wonder if he put his link up... well i guess i will if he didnt. Good bye for now!